Version 3.3.0 and Beyond


While Databasics usually focuses on developments inside the Ninox development platform, today we would like to take a few minutes to talk about the platform itself. With the upcoming release of version 3.3.0, we see yet another huge step forward in the capabilities and raw power of the Ninox system. More than that, we are witness to the ongoing development of a database application that has no equal in terms of value, flexibility and raw power.


One of the most profound new features coming in 3.3.0 is the ability to represent relational fields as more than a full-screen popup selection window. Now that we, as developers, can present related-table content as combo boxes, radio button pods, and selection ribbons, we are now able to deploy more elegant and streamlined user experiences.


For years, the global Ninox community has been asking for the ability to perform inline editing – the ability to view, edit and create content in one table from within the form of another. Berlin has delivered! The new Embed presentation of relational fields completely changes the way we envision, build and use Ninox-based applications


The days of having to clear one search term before searching based on another are over. Now, you can perform more refined searches in sequence using the Ninox search engine at both the database and table levels. This makes it even easier to find that field needle in the table haystack.


The ability to manage field content in memory in addition to being able to associate it with a record is yet another indication that Berlin listens to her customers. Global Variables? Check. Runtime content to make it easier to test applications? Check. Bindings are, to say the very least, a game changer.


We are all familiar with triggers and the amazing power they bring to the Ninox eco-system. Well now, Triggers have been added to the Tab screen element making it possible to automate workflow based on the opening and closing of separate pages within a table form.

Taken individually, each of these new features and functions represents a significant enhancement in the ability of Ninox to serve the needs of nearly every user and use-case. But taken as a whole, they are clear evidence that Ninox is not resting on its laurels and that its caretakers in Berlin are paying attention to the needs and requests of their user community. And that can only mean that the future of our beloved Ninox is rich and bright and certain to continue setting the standard of excellence in the market.