Pop-ups, Look-ups and Links… Oh my!

Databasics Pop-ups, Look-ups and Links… Oh my! The latest release of Ninox introduced many game-changers, and at the top of that list are the new display mode options for reference fields and the Dynamic Choice and Multiple-Choice fields. Ever since these features came out, the Nioxus help desk has been receiving a lot of questions […]

Displaying Animated Progress Thermometers

Displaying Animated Progress Thermometers Databasics It’s always nice to see how long a process has been running and how much run-time is left. And while many processes can be run server-side using the do as server function, there are times when server-side processing does not deliver the optimal user experience. At those times, it’s nice […]

A New Way to Build Many-to-Many Relationships

A New Way to Build Many-to-Many Relationships Databasics New features are always exciting and Ninox version 3.3.0 is packed with them. But every once in a while, a product enhancement comes along that is more than a feature; it is a completely new way of doing things. And that’s what we have with the new […]

Solution Application: Compound Constraints

Solution Application Compound Constraints Constraints are one of those incredibly powerful and equally under-used features in Ninox that as soon as you understand how to use them, you wonder how you ever lived without them. In this remake of our original “Working with Constraints” template, we explore dynamic search constraints, repurposing text fields and a […]

Version 3.3.0 and Beyond

Version 3.3.0 and Beyond Databasics While Databasics usually focuses on developments inside the Ninox development platform, today we would like to take a few minutes to talk about the platform itself. With the upcoming release of version 3.3.0, we see yet another huge step forward in the capabilities and raw power of the Ninox system. […]

Reflecting Back and Pushing Ahead

Reflecting Back and Pushing Ahead Databasics As the Global Ninox Community continues its deep dive into the newest Ninox – Beta v3.3.0 – I can’t help but think about how far Ninox has come. My first version was 1.0. Back then, almost a decade ago, tech support consisted of Alex giving you his cell phone […]

Measuring Data Quality

Databasics Measuring Data Quality Last time, in Databasics, we discussed the Data Maturity Lifecycle; that construct that enables us to understand how raw data is transformed into Information and then Intelligence. But as we know, there is no more accurate description of technology than the age-old phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. This is to say, […]

Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Databasics Data, Information and Business Intelligence It amazes me how often people use the words “data”, “information” and “Business Intelligence” as though they are all interchangeable. But to really escalate your database and data analysis skills to the highest level, it’s important to use the proper vocabulary. Let’s start with the Data Maturity Lifecycle – […]

With Great Colors Comes Great Responsibility

Databasics With Great Colors Comes Great Responsibility When creating a Ninox database solution, it’s easy to add lots of colors to any variety of objects. Whether it’s choices in a Choice Field, Click Buttons or form background colors, there are more than a few ways to add eye candy to your database. When it comes […]

Breaking Up is Good to Do

Databasics Breaking Up Is Good To Do Take a look at the line of code below: In this single line of code, six different operations are being executed in order to return a line of text that reads “INVOICE TOTAL ₹127.50”. And while this line of code works from a technical perspective, it’s unnecessarily complex […]