Data Model Review

The data model is the foundation of every Ninox Database.  As such, it’s crucial that you design and construct your foundation correctly so that you get the database you need.  Our Ninox Database experts will review your database and provide you with detailed feedback regarding best practices, things you may want to change and enhancements that may serve you well as you build your Ninox solution.  Any Nioxus member can request a Data Model Review.  Whether you have Free, Basic, Deluxe, or Premier membership, our experts are happy to work with you to make sure your data model is just right.

$99 per session

When we perform a database assessment, we start by evaluating the overall schema / data structure of the application looking for any opportunities for a more efficient design while also identifying potential constraints to future expansion of the application. We consider your design in the context of the rules of database normalization as well as in the context of the overall goals and objectives of the application itself. From there, we move on to assessing the configuration of each table and screen focusing on the use of specific field types and the applications of formulae.
Finally we evaluate UI/UX by looking at the key screens and forms in the system. We focus on screen flow and the user experience and look for opportunities to improve operational efficiency and the intuitiveness of the UI itself. At each step, we record detailed notes regarding both our positive and negative findings and provide all of this documentation back to you at the conclusion of our evaluation.