Sometimes I Just Draw the Line

By Jennifer Neighbors, Senior Consultant


Lately I’ve been thinking about form design and reflecting on, among other things, how odd it is that Ninox doesn’t offer the ability to draw lines on forms. Because sometimes you just need to draw a line to separate the parts of a form: Not a thick line with text that draws attention to itself like a “head” layout element, for example, but instead just a plain thin line that separates one area of a form from the next. I sometimes want something to use that organizes the form, but not in a loud way.

If you experiment a bit, you will find that there are several ways to do this. Here’s my favorite: Create a “free text” layout element. Use the style function to make the text color match your form’s background color so it doesn’t show up. Put a border under the element (only under it) of whatever color you like. Save your changes. You now have a nice thin line across your form. 

Here’s an example of how I would use a line:

See how the top line of fields doesn’t line up with the ones below? And, notice that those fields on top are of somewhat greater significance? By drawing a line, I’ve made this difference seem intentional. Without it the form would look a little jumbled up.

Why did I choose to use a “free text” layout element instead of something else? Because it takes up the least amount of vertical space.