Solution Application

Compound Constraints

Constraints are one of those incredibly powerful and equally under-used features in Ninox that as soon as you understand how to use them, you wonder how you ever lived without them. In this remake of our original “Working with Constraints” template, we explore dynamic search constraints, repurposing text fields and a host of other tips and tricks that you’re going to love putting into your Ninox solutions.

Constraints make it possible for users to select from a group of related-table options that is curated based on that user’s choices at runtime. Compound Constraints take the power to and even higher level by enabling Ninox to curate the selections dynamically based on a variety of user choices and inputs. Examples of where Compound Constraints can be powerful additions include:

  • Selecting a tour guide from a list of options based on their availability, the date of their last assignment, whether or not they are a favorite or all of the above;
  • Selecting a teacher for a class based on their area of expertise, teaching experience, schedule of other classes, the schools where they teach or all of the above;
  • Selecting a particular automobile based on model, year, type, color, date of last use, country of origin or all of the above.


This week’s Template of the Week shows us how to enable Ninox to select once constraint from an unlimited number of options based solely on each unique user experience. Check it out and download it today from our Nioxus Member Portal.