Reflecting Back and Pushing Ahead


As the Global Ninox Community continues its deep dive into the newest Ninox – Beta v3.3.0 – I can’t help but think about how far Ninox has come. My first version was 1.0. Back then, almost a decade ago, tech support consisted of Alex giving you his cell phone number, Nioxus was a word that hadn’t been invented yet, and many of the Ninox features that we today take for granted still hadn’t made it to even the idea stage.

Today, 3.3.0 represents a new level of excellence for a product that remains unique in a crowded market of competitors. If you haven’t done it yet, take a little time and go to and check out the incredible new ways to display the results of reference fields. Play around with the new number formatting options and marvel at the power of Bindings. And when you’re done, take a moment to sit back and marvel at how something as incredible as Ninox is about to get even incredible-er (Yes – I made up that word, but I like it so I’m sticking with it).

Next Thursday, as we did last Thursday, we will highlight some of the really cool aspects of the new version of Ninox during our weekly Ninox Learning Lab. I encourage you to join us for this fun and informative tour of all that Ninox can be.

We’re also very excited as we begin the new year with three product upgrades of our own – CalendarPLUS Version 3.6, DocumentsPLUS Version 2.0 and ReportsPLUS Version 2.1 along with our soon-to-be released newest Ninox enhancement tool – FormsPLUS. And in terms of education, we are hard at work preparing for our first-ever API training course – “Introduction to Ninox API Development” – to be held at noon Eastern Standard Time on Thursday March 18th. All this while we continue to release new templates, new YouTube videos and new learning labs every seven days.

I’m thrilled to welcome two of our newest members of the Ninox team – Chance Koogler and Michael Sidenstick – and I am more excited than ever about the future of Ninox, Nioxus and the clients we jointly serve all over the world.

2021 is going to be an amazing year and is already off to a blistering start. Ninox 3.3.0 and all the new NinoxPLUS products are just the start so stay tuned and hold on to your hats because VERY BIG THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!