VOLUME XCIX             09/21/2021

Ninox Local and Ninox Cloud

By David Gyenes, Director of IT

Some people are still confused regarding Ninox Cloud. They usually associate cloud with the “web” platform and the desktop app with the local use. There is a little truth to this association but it needs clarification.

A web browser cannot store information locally on our computer for a database. This is why we do not have the option to choose MyDatabases tab when we access Ninox from the web. A web application will be cloud based all the time. If we don’t have internet (we are not connected to WiFi or 4G/5G), then we cannot access the database.

A desktop application has the ability to save data to our local computer. In this scenario, the application is installed on our computer; there is no remote server involved in the operation of desktop-hosted Ninox apps. Back in the old days it was called a program, not an application. Back then, the program was only local. Now we have the ability to save the data on our local machine.

MyDatabases tab is the very first in the Ninox app. This is where the local databases reside. We have the option to sync it with our other devices using our Apple ID. We also can use the application in the cloud. We have the ability to create cloud teams and sync multiple users to the same database.

In conclusion, the web can be used in the cloud only but the app can be used locally and in the cloud. So if somebody talks about non-cloud option, that means application used locally.
We have to mention some differences regarding the application used locally.

We lose a few features with this. Since it is intended to use as single user we lose the “user” type field and functions related to this and we are not able to set security based on the users. Also we cannot send emails from the local database since there is no e-mail server associated with this option.

Template of the Week

Automatic Document Numbering & Line Color Formatting

Often when creating documents, like customer invoices, purchase orders or packing slips, it’s desirable to have those documents automatically and sequentially numbered to improve tracking and internal controls. This template makes it easy to have Ninox automatically assign the next number in sequence to documents and the multiple line-items contained in those documents.

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DocumentPLUS upgrade now available including Office 365 Integration and Team Collaboration

Learning Lab

Join us tomorrow – 22 September at Noon EDT / 6:00 p.m. Berlin –  for the Ninox Learning Lab by Nioxus where Andreas and Andy will present tools, tips and tricks that prevent the unintentional editing of fields as well as the accidental deletion of entire records. Tomorrow’s Learning Lab will be presented in both English and German and will also include our popular Q&A so bring your questions and get ready to learn and have fun all at the same time.

Topics for tomorrow’s Lab include:

  • Preventing unintentional field editing
  • Optimizing the optical appearance of databases for web, iMac and iPad
  • Using a status bar to control and reflect workflow
  • Preventing unintentional record deletion
  • Controlling database user options and functions at runtime


  • Verhindern einer unbeabsichtigten Feldbearbeitung
  • Optimieren des optischen Erscheinungsbilds von Datenbanken für Web, iMac und iPad
  • Verwenden einer Statusleiste zum Steuern und Reflektieren des Workflows 
  • Verhindern eines unbeabsichtigten Löschens von Datensätzen 
  • Steuern von Datenbankbenutzeroptionen und -funktionen zur Laufzeit

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Ninox Learning

The While/Do Structure and a Custom Search Engine

Of the four different repetitive looping and context evaluation structures in Ninox, only the While/Do Structure can determine its own end point and then go on to adjust that end point with situational awareness. This video in the Ninox Learning Series shows you how to harness this power and use it for a variety of purposes including building a custom search engine for your bespoke Ninox application.


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