VOLUME LXXXVIII              06/22/2021


German Training & Support Now Available

Nioxus is proud to introduce our newest Certified Nioxus Partner – Andreas Hielscher. Based in Leipzig, Germany, Andreas will be providing sales, support and training services for the entire suite of Nioxus products to our clients throughout Europe. In addition to bringing his experience as a Occupational Safety, Electrical and Software engineer to the Nioxus team, Andreas enables Nioxus to immediately begin offering CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS training and support in German. Andreas will also be working directly with our product team to drive the release of all of the products in the NinoxPLUS product suite in German.

Andreas will also be representing Nioxus throughout Europe as we expand our Ninox Learning Lab training sessions to include German-speaking sessions. These German Learning Labs will focus on CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS as well as the other Nioxus solutions for our German-speaking clients.

Welcome to our Certified Partner Program Andreas – we’re thrilled that you have chosen to join us.

“When I saw CalenderPlus, DocumentsPlus and ReportsPlus for the first time, I was immediately impressed. With these 3 programs, the Ninox database improves considerably. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to set it up, and the handling is highly intuitive, very quick to understand and also adaptable. But for me as a Ninox programmer, the advantage of these 3 programs is that they are simple and quick to integrate into any Ninox database. The time-consuming programming of the front end is no longer required.”

-Andreas Hielscher

“Als ich CalenderPlus, DocumentsPlus und ReportsPlus zum ersten Mal sah, war ich sofort beeindruckt. Mit diesen 3 Programmen verbessert sich eine Ninox-Datenbank erheblich. Die Einrichtung dauert keine 10 Minuten, die Bedienung ist intuitiv, sehr schnell verständlich und auch anpassbar.

Aber für mich als Ninox-Programmierer liegt der Vorteil dieser 3 Programme auch darin, dass sie sich einfach und schnell in jede Ninox-Datenbank integrieren lassen. Die zeitaufwendige Programmierung des Front-Ends entfällt.”

-Andreas Hielscher


Deutsches Training & Support jetzt verfügbar

Nioxus freut sich, unseren neuesten Certified Nioxus Partner vorstellen zu können – Andreas Hielscher. Mit Sitz in Leipzig, Deutschland, wird Andreas unseren Kunden in ganz Europa Verkaufs-, Support- und Schulungsservices für die gesamte Suite von Nioxus-Produkten anbieten. Andreas bringt nicht nur seine Erfahrung als Arbeitssicherheits-, Elektro- und Software-Ingenieur in das Nioxus-Team ein. Es ermöglicht Nioxus auch, ab sofort Schulungen und Support für CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS und DocumentsPLUS in deutscher Sprache anzubieten. Andreas wird auch direkt mit unserem Produktteam zusammenarbeiten, um die Veröffentlichung aller Produkte der NinoxPLUS-Produktsuite auf Deutsch voranzutreiben.

Andreas wird Nioxus auch europaweit vertreten, wenn wir unsere Schulungen im Ninox Learning Lab um deutschsprachige Schulungen erweitern. Diese Deutschen Learning Labs konzentrieren sich auf CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS und DocumentsPLUS sowie die anderen Nioxus-Lösungen für unsere deutschsprachigen Kunden.

Willkommen bei unserem Certified Partner Programm Andreas – wir freuen uns, dass Du dich für uns entschieden haben.

Understanding Machine Learning

By Michael Sidenstick, Programmer/Developer

When it comes to technologies of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are some of the most impressive ideas– how can you get a machine to learn? Despite being one of the most well-known current innovations, there are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly AI is, and how Machine Learning relates to it.

Broadly, Artificial Intelligence just refers to the ability of technology to act like humans, and Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence where a machine can learn and grow based on its experiences. In other words, Artificial Intelligence uses Machine Learning to accomplish tasks that a human could.

One way to learn about Machine Learning is to compare it to how populations expand and evolve over time. For instance, if we had a group of 100 animals competing in an environment, the animals with traits beneficial to their survival would live on and produce offspring. For instance, animals with good camouflage or speed would outlive those lacking these traits, as they could avoid predators. Then, these positive traits are passed to the next generation of animals: the offspring of the most fit members of the population.

Some types of Machine Learning work in a similar way. If we programmed a racetrack and let 100 racers randomly attempt the course, many would immediately fail, but a few may make a small amount of progress. Then, the program would take the most successful individuals, and use their settings (genes) for the next set of 100 racers, with each of the 100 racers having additional random mutations to prevent all 100 racers from doing the same thing. With this new, second generation, the program gains information about what worked and what did not and uses this information to make the algorithm slightly better.

After repeating hundreds of these generations, slowly learning over time, this Artificial Intelligence will eventually complete its goal, as slowly improving the algorithm by analyzing successful individuals will eventually lead to success. This is the general idea that Artificial Intelligence is based on– analyze patterns and variations in data to change the program’s behavior. AI isn’t something to be terrified about– while innovations in the field are being made every day, it’s a slow learning process that’s mostly still theoretical. Hopefully you learned some about AI and Machine Learning; if you’re interested in learning more, there are plenty of YouTube videos with interesting examples of each.

Just Jim

By Jim Harris, Stargazer

It is SUMMERTIME (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) so here in Miami, this means heat, more heat, plenty of precipitation and unfortunately, a very good chance of having a tropical system hitting us. I don’t mind the heat that much… well, I do… but I have lived in Miami my entire life, so I am entirely accustomed to heat along with the crazy weather that comes with it.

One of my hobbies is meteorology (along with many areas of math and science) and thankfully Ninox was in existence for this database. I collect rainfall amounts and send the data to CoCoRaHS daily. Additionally, I have built (as well as continue to build) another database which also relates to weather.
I wish that I had a green thumb so that I could work in a garden, but it seems that I’ve killed everything that I’ve ever tried to grow. Let me know if anyone has any great gardening databases so I can have some vicarious thrills! What other hobbyists are out there using Ninox for their database? Ninox is so versatile and is designed so well that I truly believe that it can be used for just about any application.

No matter what the weather is, don’t forget to join us at the next Learning Lab on July 24th at 12:00pm EST or 6:00pm CET. This week is our ever-popular Q & A so if you have any questions, please send them in early.


Office 365 Integration and Team Collaboration Coming Soon to DocumentsPLUS!

This Week in the Learning Lab

Be sure to join us this Thursday the 24th at 12pm EDT for another round of open Q&A! Remember to bring lots of questions!

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