VOLUME LXXXVI              06/08/2021

A New Way to Find Everything You Need with Nioxus

Nioxus is constantly striving to provide the optimal experience for our customers and clients, from new products and major updates to little things, like a website search bar…

As of this week, you are now able to search the website for products, resources and content- just click the search bar in the top right corner of the website.

Happy searching!

Creating Dynamic Content in Formula Fields

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management

Today I’m going to show you how to create dynamic content in Ninox with HTML in Formula Fields.

There are a host of ways to use HTML in Formula fields to create visuals in Ninox. In this example, we will create a display for the weather at a location specified by a Ninox location field.

We will use the OpenWeatherMap API to get the weather information for a location. To do this, sign up for a free account here, and get your API key.

Below is some example code of how to use the API from a Formula field in Ninox. The Fetch function is used to make a call to the weather API based on the coordinate information from the Location field. This is done in the getWeather() function which is called from the onload function in the style element.

Every time the Location field is changed, the html gets the weather information from the API and displays it. 

Office 365 Integration and Team Collaboration Coming Soon to DocumentsPLUS!

This Week in the Learning Lab

Join us this Thursday the 1oth at 12pm EDT where we will be discussing new display mode options for reference fields and the Dynamic Choice and Multiple-Choice fields and hosting an open Q&A afterwards! Don’t forget to bring your questions!

Check Out Our Templates

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 150 templates which are available to all Standard, Deluxe and Premier Nioxus members?

Nioxus University YouTube Channel

Nioxus has created nearly 100 videos and over 200 hours of content teaching you how to use and optimize Ninox, as well as our supplementary products: CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS!


Pop-ups, Look-ups and Links... Oh my!

The latest release of Ninox introduced many game-changers, and at the top of that list are the new display mode options for reference fields and the Dynamic Choice and Multiple-Choice fields. Ever since these features came out, the Nioxus help desk has been receiving a lot of questions about when to use the various options and how to apply these objects in certain user experience situations.

This week at the Ninox Learning Lab by Nioxus, we’ll take a deep dive into all of these issues – what works best, when to use each object and how to manage the unique issues of each element.

Be sure to join us for this learning session along with our open Q&A when you get answers to all of your Ninox Questions, Queries and Curiosities. Register for the Learning Lab here!

Just Jim

By Jim Harris, Stargazer

In the last issue of Just Jim, I touched upon ideas of what databases you may want to build. After all, that is the whole idea of having Ninox. The best way to learn is to immerse yourself any way you can: read, watch, practice, and experiment. Use all the senses that you have!

Don’t be afraid, you can’t hurt Ninox. If you are still unsure of yourself, do not be shy or give up. If you are brand new to Ninox, become a member of Nioxus and new members will get a free 15-minute concierge with one of our specialists to help get you started.

I am convinced that once you get your hands on this wonderful software and realize how powerful that it is, you will want to create even more databases!

For those of you who have been working diligently towards building your database(s), you should be proud of yourselves! Especially at a time where a formula just won’t work, or you made an error somewhere and your debugging seemed to drive you insane. The more you work at it, the easier it is to do and do it properly. Now isn’t Ninox fun?

Don’t forget to join us at the Learning Lab on June 10th at 12:00pm ET or 6:00pm CET where we will be looking intensely at the new display mode options for reference fields and the Dynamic Choice and Multiple-Choice fields. We will have an open Q&A after class. If you have any questions, send them early so that they will be answered.


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