VOLUME LXXXV              06/2/2021

Displaying Animated Progress Thermometers


It’s always nice to see how long a process has been running and how much run-time is left. And while many processes can be run server-side using the do as server function, there are times when server-side processing does not deliver the optimal user experience. At those times, it’s nice to be able to present the application user with a progress thermometer. And since Ninox does not offer such an object as a native component, Nioxus has developed a set of copy-and-paste components that enable you to present an animated graphic that runs in real-time with whatever code block you are executing.

Join us this Thursday at the next Ninox Learning Lab by Nioxus (12:00 pm EDT) when we will show you how to add this dynamic feature to any Ninox database solution. And if you are a member of the Nioxus User Group, you will be able to download our newest template which provides you assets that you can paste right into your Ninox application and have your progress thermometers up and running in minutes

We hope to see you all this Thursday.

Announcing The New DocumentsPLUS Modules

Three fantastic extensions for DocumentsPLUS are now available. FormsPLUS allows you to create interactive forms that can be filled out online and capture the entries in custom fields. Workflow automation enables you to easily automate document routing, approval and filing and more without a single line of code. Custom Branding lets you customize your document management solution and your guest portal with your logo and colors.

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Office 365 Integration and Team Collaboration Coming Soon to DocumentsPLUS!

This Week in the Learning Lab

Join us this Thursday the 3rd at 12pm EDT where we will be inserting animated progress thermometers into your Ninox applications!

Check Out Our Templates

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 150 templates which are available to all Standard, Deluxe and Premier Nioxus members?

Nioxus University YouTube Channel

Nioxus has created nearly 100 videos and over 200 hours of content teaching you how to use and optimize Ninox, as well as our supplementary products: CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS!

Just Jim

By Jim Harris, Stargazer

A couple of weeks ago, I touched upon how wonderful it is to create databases using Ninox. I would like to continue with that thought this week.

I know that many of you utilize valuable resources to help you learn Ninox. Some of you have even taught yourselves entirely on your own. For those folks who are brand, spanking new to Ninox and may feel a bit overwhelmed, fear not, because there is help available through our YouTube videos, newsletters, Video Vault, 24/7 help desk, templates, advanced solution applications, concierge services, database reviews, support cases and much, much more!

For those of you who have attended the Learning Lab, one of the first things that you may have discovered is that you begin at the end and then move to the beginning. You must have a logical flow in how the database is created or you may have a mess as you go through the different tables. In fact, it is really the only way to create any type of programing. As on old-timer of 40 + years of programming, I still love creating my databases by either writing it down or using my extremely cherished flowcharting tools.

I wonder how many of you are stuck in your very first database. Many of our members knew exactly what they wanted to build and have already done so or are still having fun working on it. But how many of you are still wanting to learn how to use Ninox but have no idea WHAT to create.  Nioxus has a tremendous number of templates to choose from but maybe what you are looking for is not on the list. We always welcome new ideas for templates so let us know!

Here are some great ideas for databases to create if you need some fun ideas and we have templates for all the following (and MORE!):
*Gate Pass Management
*Book/Audio/Video Database
*Student Project Database
*Loyalty Point System
*Travel and Fuel Log
*Customer Review System
*Grocery Lists

I was fortunate enough to know exactly what I wanted to build in Ninox but there still so many other things that I wish to build with it. Ninox is a tremendously powerful tool, but it is even better when you can acquire as much knowledge and skill as you can to use it to its full potential. We sure hope that you are enjoying the contributions of Nioxus in achieving your confidence, fun and expertise with your Ninox database.

In this week’s Ninox Learning Lab on Thursday, June 3rd at 12:00pm ET or 6:00pm CET we be inserting animated progress thermometers into your Ninox applications! Now when you are running a lengthy process or long block of code you will be able to see on screen exactly how much longer the process will take. This replaces the spinning circle that we have all had to get used to. This is especially useful when you are building applications that others will be using. Members will be able to download the new template then copy and paste into their own applications! How fantastic is that?! You will not want to miss this class. I hope to see you this coming Thursday at high noon!


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