VOLUME LXXI               02/02/2021

DocumentsPLUS Developer Interview

By Dottie Worster, Media Manager

DocumentsPLUS is a document management solution to end in-office filing systems. Imagine all of the filing cabinets in your office, all of the documents, contracts and client information, replaced with secure digital versions that you can access from anywhere. Imagine no more clutter or wasting time tracking down documents you need. DocumentsPLUS synthesizes with your Ninox database to bring a whole new level of organization to your business. 

DocumentsPLUS v2 will include new features such as:

  • Gain access to a remote filing system to store and organize all of your documents from inside Ninox
  • Upload documents from Ninox attachments or local device
  • Automatically attach metadata pulled from specified Ninox Fields to folders and files in filing system
  • Synchronize your tables and records with your filing system to open up to the right filing location from any Ninox record
  • Automatically generate containers for each record in an existing table

Adam is our Director of Product Management and played a key role in the development of DocumentsPLUS v2.  I’ve interviewed him to give you a glimpse into some of its features and what he loves most about this new version of DocumentsPLUS. 


What is the most exciting or useful new feature of DocumentsPLUS v2?

“I’m most excited about the ability to sync your entire table…it makes it easy to quickly map out your database in DocumentsPLUS.”

You can also use this in sync with any templates you’ve created within DocumentsPLUS.  This new feature allows you, with the click of a button, to sync and organize an entire table in your Ninox Database.


What problems would you say DocumentsPLUS solves?

 “I would say the most significant advantage is searchable file organization that can be accessed and contributed to by multiple sources.”

DocumentsPLUS is the best way to get your workplace organized. You can create workflow automations, easily search through your documents and files and you can Transfer all your tables  from your Ninox database with the click of a button.


What is the value proposition of DocumentsPLUS?

“In my opinion, good document and file management is a necessity in any company. A solid document management system more than pays for itself in the long-run.”

No need to spend hours looking for misplaced documents. Thanks to the search function, you can find anything, easily, in a matter of seconds. You can transfer files from your Ninox database with the press of a button, saving you time and thousands of dollars in manpower. 


Which feature are you most proud of?

“I’m most proud of being able to mirror the file system in your Ninox Database.”

This embed feature is what gives you the ability to sync your Ninox Database, but it also gives you the ability to edit your document management system by adding new folders/drawers/or filing cabinets instantly without leaving your Ninox Database.

“The other thing I’m particularly proud of is the ability for DocumentsPLUS to now carry over profile items.”

When you transfer a document, its relevant information is transferred over into its profile, making it easy to search for in your database, as well as letting you use that information in automations. 

“This is the first real filing system to ever be integrated with Ninox.”

“My experience is finding the glove that fits well.  This has been perfect for my application.  I think it’s extremely scalable, and what I like about that is one day I can private label every piece of the product, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the integration when Memsco is larger”.

-Mark B., CEO of Memsco

If you are interested in purchasing DocumentsPLUS, you can do so here.

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