VOLUME LXVIII               01/12/2021

Adding Marked Times

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management

In late November we added the “Mark Times” feature to Calendar Plus which allows you to mark and block out times on the calendar. This is useful for marking things on the calendar like vacation time, holidays, or any times that you would like to mark on the calendar that are not events.

Let’s walk through how to use this feature with an example. Suppose you would like to block out the weekends for scheduling.

1. Click the COLORIZE / MARK TIMES icon in the top left corner of the Calendar Application

2. You will then be taken to the Mark Times window shown below where you can enter all the information to create a new marked area on the calendar. Enter the title, whether or not to render the title in the calendar, and the rendered color of the event.

3. The Applicants field is a multiple choice field that is populated by the choice or multiple choice fields that you have set up in your Calendar Plus Entries Ninox table, as well as any Attendees or Participants attached to events. If a selection other than “ALL” is made here, the marked timespan will not appear on the main calendar, but will appear in the timelines and UNIT views for the specified applicants. This allows for blocking scheduling for just a particular employee during a timespan, for example. In our example, we will make no selection here as we would like to block scheduling for all events on weekends.

4. There are three options for the type of Marked Time you would like to create: weekly, daily or “one time”. A weekly rule repeats every week on the specified weekdays, at the specified times. A daily rule repeats every day at the specified times, and a one time rule happens only one time, beginning and ending on at the specified dates and times. For us, we want to block out all day every Saturday and Sunday, so we will select Weekly, and check the “Full Day” box, which hides the “Times” section.

5. Once you click save, the rule will be rendered on the calendar and you can delete or edit the rule at any time by opening the Mark times window and selecting the rule on the left hand side.

Nioxus Today

By Amelia Neighbors, Director of Global Operations

Friends, 2021 brings new beginnings and new announcements. The updated document management system debuts in January and we are proud to get the first ever CalendarPLUS stand alone version into production next month. Along with ReportsPLUS, these tools allow non-Ninox users access to powerful capabilities independent of a database – all designed to integrate into a cohesive business management system.

With all that’s going on in the world today, we are proud to offer flexible solutions to empower your organization through data capture, retention and transformation into visual information and intelligence. ‘Make good decisions’ is no longer just essential parenting advice – it’s critical for everyone to succeed in the world today. Let us know how we can help or how we can support your journey by contacting us online or joining us at our weekly learning lab.


This Week in the Learning Lab

Be sure to join Thursday on the 14th at 12:00pm EST for our Learning Lab- this week we’ll be Building an Accounting & General Ledger Application!

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 130 templates which are available to all Standard, Deluxe and Premier Nioxus members?

Just Jim

By Jim Harris, The Stargazer

While we had time off for the holidays, I had time to think back to when I started at Nioxus. Nioxus is an incredible place to work, as the people care for one another. Having a problem? No problem, just ask a teammate and we work together. Now, before I started to work for Nioxus, I learned how to use Ninox. At that time, trying to learn Ninox was a challenge. Although there was a user manual, it left a lot to be desired. After weeks and weeks, I was just about ready to ditch Ninox. Then, I just happened to find Nioxus, and it was like finding a treasure chest.

At that time, we had Fast Apps, where we would build a database from beginning to end. In fact, some of those Fast Apps today are now full-blown templates. Also, Nioxus had 4 different types of webinars that spanned Ninox skill levels from novice to advanced. Nioxus took a break from them to reconfigure the way we taught about Ninox. I believe members and non-members did understand, but it just wasn’t the same. Several months went by and just like the phoenix, the Webinar format arose once more. This time the webinar came with a Learning Library and YouTube videos. Part of the learning system was added to our membership program as well. It was a brilliant idea. Having a multi-level tiered system where a member pays a nominal fee and that gives them all the templates, a fully indexed user manual, and much, much more.

Another update Nioxus has seen more recently is our new website. This website is sleek, modern, and just gorgeous. Yes, the Nioxus website is aesthetically pleasing to look at, but that is just the cover. It also has clear site navigation, which is the most important thing. The Nioxus website is also very responsive, and mobile-friendly. All in all, just one beautiful looking, technically awesome site!

Nioxus has a vision and with the great help of our coding masters, the rest of the team, and our PLUS products, everything went from just a thought to reality. There are times when I have to sit back and think “we actually did it”. The comments and feedback makes me proud.

So now that you know a little more about the beginnings of Nioxus, how about a little feedback? Let us know how we are doing. Contact me – Jim (Stargazer)


Ninox University YouTube Channel

Nioxus has created nearly 100 videos and over 200 hours of content teaching you how to use and optimize Ninox, as well as our supplementary products: CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS

Working With Workdays

By Jennifer Neighbors, Senior Consultant

This week while working on a large project that involves the court system, I had to figure out how to calendar a date that is a certain number of business days before a hearing date. Knowing the hearing date, how would I calculate the unknown prior date? Ninox doesn’t have a built-in way to do this, but I thought maybe I could use the “Workdays” function to figure out my answer.

The “Workdays” function subtracts the difference between two dates, leaving out Saturdays and Sundays. It is very similar to the “Days” function, but it only counts what most of us would consider working days in the result. Here’s an example:

					let xToday := today();
let xChristmas := date(2021, 12, 25);
workdays(xToday, xChristmas)				

This formula will yield the number of working days until Christmas.

Using this “Workdays” function, I wondered how to come up with a solution to my initial problem. I knew my mystery date had to be a certain number of business days before the hearing is scheduled to occur. Understanding that number of days would be variable, I called that number of days “Days Offset”and stored it in a table with other hearing information. Figuring I might need to simply count backward, I discovered a solution.

Here’s how I did it:

					let xDate := 'Hearing Date';
let xOffset := abs('Days Offset');
let xNewDate := 'Hearing Date';
while workdays(xNewDate, xDate) < xOffset do
    xNewDate := xNewDate - 1

This code block simply counts backward from the hearing date until the difference in workdays is equal to the offset days. It worked! I now have a solution to my problem that I can embed into my larger code block when creating calendar events using a button. This process reinforced my confidence that being familiar with the standard Ninox functions while applying a bit of logic can solve many initially bewildering questions.

Jennifer welcomes feedback and can be reached at jennifer@nioxus.com.

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