VOLUME LXIX               01/19/2021

We Would Like to Congratulate...

Amelia, David and Adam on their promotions!

2021 is a year of growth and structure for Nioxus. We are on the verge of tremendous opportunities starting to pay off and we are hyper-focused on building an internal operations infrastructure that will scale to meet the demands of our growing customer base. Today we are excited to announce that Amelia Neighbors, David Gyenes and Adam Davidson have been named members of our Executive team as Director of Global Operations, Director of IT and Director of Product Development respectively.

Amelia, David and Adam have demonstrated the skills and capabilities that have enabled us to reach this important point in time and that I believe will enable us to continue to grow and achieve. Congratulations to all!

Solution Application

General Ledger Accounting & Budgeting

While Nioxus releases new Ninox templates every week, Solution Applications come out only eight times per year and the first new Solution App of 2021 has been released! Our new General Ledger Accounting and Budgeting module allows you to manage a complete General Journal with a detailed chart of accounts while tracking every Debit and Credit of every transaction. And the Budgeting features allow you to create multiple budgets per GL Account and quickly perform Budget-Versus-Actual comparisons with the simple click of a mouse. 

Since our Solution Applications are open code and unlocked, you can use the module as-is or install it as the centerpiece of your entire ERP. You can also pair the new General Ledger module with our Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Payroll, Order Entry and Purchasing modules to create a complete Ninox accounting system. 

And the most exciting part is that everyone can get our new General Ledger system! While Solution Applications are normally available for free download only to Deluxe and Premier Nioxus members, this newest release is being made available to every member from Basic through Premier. 

Check out the new General Ledger Accounting Module today and let us know if you’d like to speak to a Nioxus expert regarding your Ninox Accounting Application Requirements.

Solution application can be found on member pages. Sign into the member portal to access solution applications.

Filtering and Searching

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management

The filtering function in Calendar Plus can be used to display only events with certain parameters. Filtering applies across all views in the calendar, so you could see only the events for one participant categorized by priority in the timeline view, for example. You can find it to the right of the timeline and unit tabs.

Clicking the filter button will open the filtering window where you will be able to select any value you have set in a choice or multiple choice field In your Calendar Plus Entries table, as well as values in the Participants / Attendees text field.

Multiple choices can be made in this window and the Calendar will display only events which match at least one of the selected values.

The search box is useful for finding records with a particular description and for filtering by description. It is on the top right hand side of the screen.

 Enter an Event description name (or part of one) here and the calendar will jump to the first event whose description contains your search string. The calendar will also filter out all events that do not match your search. This function is particularly useful if you like to use week, day, or units view – since you can jump straight to an event if you know its description, instead of clicking through a bunch of dates.

Nioxus Today

By Amelia Neighbors, Director of Global Operations


2020 was a banner year and Nioxus is looking forward to a stellar 2021. So far, record sales have brought us another outstanding month as we jump to meet the needs of the global Ninox community – providing free support (via YouTube and weekly webinars) and unlimited Helpdesk tickets in addition to templates, solution applications and customized business solutions.

Our PLUS products continue to evolve and improve, under the keen eye of our new Director of Product Development, Adam – and David has earned the Director of IT title as a powerhouse of technical skill and agility. We are grateful for all of our amazing team members and all of you who support us by attending our events and developing your business outcomes with us.

Thank you all for your kindness, your generosity and your patronage. We are glad to have you join us on our journey into 2021 and beyond. This should be an exciting year!

This Week in the Learning Lab

Be sure to join Thursday on the 21st at 12:00pm EST for our Learning Lab- this week we’ll be doing a live Q&A! Remember to bring your questions!

Check Out Our Templates

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 135 templates which are available to all Standard, Deluxe and Premier Nioxus members?

Ninox University YouTube Channel

Nioxus has created nearly 100 videos and over 200 hours of content teaching you how to use and optimize Ninox, as well as our supplementary products: CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS


Measuring Data Quality

Last time, in Databasics, we discussed the Data Maturity Lifecycle; that construct that enables us to understand how raw data is transformed into Information and then Intelligence. But as we know, there is no more accurate description of technology than the age-old phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. This is to say, if the raw data going in is not “high quality data”, then the Information and Intelligence coming out will be of little use or value. So how do we quantify and measure Data Quality?
Distilling it down to its core components, Data Quality is the combined measure of the Accuracy, Timeliness and Relevance of each lifecycle component. Consider any of the following:
  • Accurate, relevant data that arrives a day late;
  • Irrelevant information that’s readily available;
  • Incorrect intelligence that shows up right on time.

The fact is that the core measures of Data Quality are never ranked in order of importance, because they are all equally crucial. As the three examples above demonstrate; the absence of any one of the three qualities results in data, information and/or intelligence that is considered “Low Quality”.

Since all of us want our Ninox applications to store and deliver high quality
results, I encourage you to consider the quantifiable and measurable
definitions below:
  • Accuracy– Data is accurate if it is free from error or defect. Accurate data is a precise and exact representation of events, people or objects;
  • Relevance– Data is relevant if it has bearing upon or is related to the question, issue, concept, operation or strategy at hand. Relevant data is pertinent and has a material relationship to a topic of discussion, decision to be made or strategy to be defined and executed; relationship to a topic of discussion, decision to be made or strategy to be defined and executed;
  • Timeliness– Data is timely if it is delivered at such point that it can be taken into consideration during the course of discussion, evaluation or execution. Timely data is delivered to the appropriate personnel such that it can be used to effect change and/or impact decision making.

Once you understand Data Quality, it’s important to understand how you can improve it and maintain it at a high level. And for that, please consider the model below:

This model enables us to understand where we are to go if any of our three quality measures are weak. If Accuracy is what we need, we must consider the source of our raw data. Whether keyed in by hand, imported from spreadsheets or delivered via API conduit, it’s crucial that we ensure that the inflow of content is completely free from error or defect.

We then look to Timeliness. Here, we are fully focused on the delivery model that enables humans or other applications to consume the content. How quickly can data be transformed into information and intelligence and how quickly can that asset be delivered to the human or system needing it. To ensure Relevance, we must design our Ninox solutions such that the consumers of the output receive the output at or before it’s needed and not any later.

And then finally, we consider Relevance. Put simply, Relevance is the answer to the question “Does It Matter?” Assets can be 100% accurate and delivered right on time, but if those assets are not relevant to the matters at hand, what does it matter? When considering relevance, we need to put our users front and center. What matters to them? What decisions do they have to make? When must action be taken? Answer these questions, and you will know what constitutes Timely versus useless as far as the all-important end-user is concerned.

So what does this all mean in the final analysis? Simply this… Creating any Ninox data solution – from the most basic to the most sophisticated – requires us to consider not just the fields and objects in our data model, but also the information delivery methods, frequency requirements and expectations of our users. Consider all three from the very beginning and your applications will consistently contain and deliver high quality data, information and intelligence. Fail to consider all three, and your content quality may come up short.

Happy Ninoxing to you all!

Just Jim

By Jim Harris, Stargazer

First of all, I know people are wondering what the status update is for Gold Star Merchandise. We have received some of the merchandise, but are still waiting on some of it. Please check in at the next Learning Lab, and I hope at that time we can tell you everything you need to know to order your own Nioxus swag.

Now, for Just Jim:

There is a quote from Mark Twain that I have always loved, “The human race has only one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. The moment it arises, all our hardness’s yield, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.”

I have talked about just how much I enjoy working at Nioxus. The work can be long, laborious and, at times, brain-wracking. But, if you enjoy the work and are successful at what you do, it always seems as if someone added a “sprinkling” of laughter over you.

Twain made the point that with laughter and humor – any resentments are temporarily stripped away. Laughter positively affects all of a person’s well-being. Laughter has been shown to inspire you to see the world from a different perspective, and there have been studies that show that it is a legitimate and powerful form of preventive (lifestyle) medicine. So again, when I think about it, Twain was right.

So, in honor of Twain and laughter – I give you a dose of Dilbert:

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