VOLUME LVIII                  11/03/2020

Client Showcase


American Electric Power (AEP on NYSE) has over 18,000 employees who serve more than 5.4 million customers across a service territory of 200,000 square miles.  They operate the largest electric power grid in North America and when they implemented a brand new hiring and staffing model, they turned to Ninox and Nioxus to create the Human Resource ERP system they would need to enable a seamless transition from old to new.

Called RSMS™ and pronounced “Rasmus”, The Rapid Staffing  Management System™ keeps track of all hiring managers, open positions, candidates, interviews, offers, and onboarding processes. Part HR Management, part Checklist and Project Management, and part Business Intelligence Dashboard, this Ninox system was created in less than a year and resulted in a 600% reduction in the amount of time it took to find, hire and onboard new employees resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

And by taking advantage of the ease with which Ninox solutions integrate with other applications, the entire RSMS application interfaced with all of AEP’s legacy accounting, human resource and immigration management systems starting on the first day.

With the Ninox RSMS solution in place, hiring managers, recruiters, and the AEP Human Resource personnel were all in sync in terms of job requirements, interview dates, start dates and on-boarding processes. In addition to the Human Resource functions built into RSMS, Nioxus also created a Checklist Tracking and Progress module that standardized the New Employee Onboarding Process so when the new hires were delivered to their new departments, there was no waiting around for computers, network passwords or office equipment to be delivered. 

This meant that new hires were able to get to work immediately on day one because, thanks to Ninox and RSMS, everything they needed to do their job was waiting for them when they arrived. This resulted in additional savings of over $725,000 per year by eliminating the cost of having to pay new employees who couldn’t perform their tasks because they didn’t have the proper resources.

Because of Ninox, one of the largest power suppliers in the world was up and running with a brand new Human Resource ERP system ahead of schedule and under budget. And the savings in year one alone provided a significant return on investment that continues to pay off three years later.  Ninox and Nioxus meant that American Electric Power was able to quickly pivot to a more efficient hiring process without having to worry about or wait for the technology tools that would support the entire operation. AEP prides itself on “finding new ways to deliver”. Ninox works every day to do the same thing and that’s why Ninox has been such a huge success at American Electric Power.



Reports Plus replaces the standard reporting and data visualization engines built into the Ninox database platform. Now – you can combine the power and ease-of-use of Ninox with the flexibility and robust feature set of a world-class data analytics, business intelligence and charting engine. 

Sign up for our next Learning Lab to learn more about ReportsPLUS, Nioxus’ newest reporting solution.


Code Annotations and Embedded Formula Comments

This week’s tech tip is as valuable as it is simple. As your formulas become more and more complex and the number of lines in your programs increases, you will find it useful to embed comments inside the code itself. This will enable you to better understand your syntax and automated processes when it’s time to return to your code for enhancement, testing and debugging.

To embed comments and annotations inside of your code, simply enclose the entire text string in double quotation marks (example: “Date of Last Code Update: Jan 21, 2017”).

Recommended uses of this code documenting technique include describing the use of variables, explaining the purpose of loops and decision structures and indicating where a specific section of code begins and ends. An example of the annotated code is displayed below in red:

The comments in lines 2, 10, 19 and 26 above describe the code blocks in the lines that follow while the first and last lines (1 and 34 respectively) describe the purpose of the entire code block when it was last updated.


The embedded carriage returns at lines 8, 17, 24, and 32 are there to make it easier to see where one sub-process ends and the next begins. Annotating your code as you write it will make it easier to leverage, test and share your code across large databases and with other members of your Ninox team.

Video Tutorials

Formatting Fields, Filters & Sorts and Using Groups


Formatting Fields

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Filters & Sorts

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Using Groups

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Nioxus Today

By Amelia Neighbors, GM Global Operations

Can you believe it is November?!?

Things are really heating up (and getting colder) for us here at Nioxus – with the beta for Ninox ReportsPLUS moving closer to reality for Ninox users worldwide. The possibilities are so exciting for everyone who needs to share real time information with vendors, partners and team members to empower the right decisions. We have heard that what stands out with Ninox ReportsPLUS is the ability to share reports with others (without a Ninox license) and on the schedule you decide.

We will continue to help organizations and individuals get the most out of their data through tools – connecting an elegant calendaring app (CalendarPLUS), a strong document solution (DocumentsPLUS) with the visualizations and business intelligence of ReportsPLUS.  Join us on this journey to bring a new level of information magic to the low-code database world. We are proving that better decisions really do start here!

Find out more at Nioxus.com and let us know if you have questions, or stop by on Thursday to see what’s happening at the Ninox University Learning Lab at noon EST; who knows, there may just be an exciting announcement…

This Week in the Learning Lab

Since the last one was such a success, we’ll be doing another open Q&A session for this upcoming Learning Lab Tune in this Thursday, 11/5/20, at 12:00pm EDT! Sign up below!

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 120 templates which are available to all Nioxus customers – Standard, Deluxe and Premier?

Gold Star Program

By Jim Harris, The Starmaster

Stargazer (Jim) here and to paraphrase a commercial slogan, ” Can you hear me now” is something I would like to know. When I recently asked if anyone might have suggestions or ideas for Gold Star bling, I got ZERO responses – goose eggs, nada. And just because of that, and as being a Grand Master Wizard, remember I have the powers to ZAP!!!. Don’t make me turn you all into a frog or tadpole!
As you know, attending a Thursday Learning Lab session earns you a gold star, and participating – asking questions, answering questions, praising Andy (or Kate) could earn you additional stars (last week we gave out a total of 141 stars!) – and here’s an additional way: let me know what you want to be able to earn with your stars. I :heart:Nioxus t-shirts? I got my :star:s from Nioxus mugs? Now is the time, as we will be getting our swag orders out soon – to be available in December! It’s coming sooner than you think!
As we are getting closer and closer to the season of many Holidays, we also get nearer to the Gold Star Bling extravaganza which means we need ideas of what you would like to see as per the Nioxus swag. If you have an idea of what you would to see on the shelves, please let me know at jim@nioxus.com
See ya Thursday!

– Jim (a.k.a. The Starmaster)