VOLUME LVI                   10/20/2020

Client Showcase

The Purchasing and Logistics Management system that Nioxus built allows this global leader in Intimate Fashion to know what’s on order, when it’s scheduled to arrive, which buyer is waiting on it and whether or not it’s going to make it onto the store shelves.  Taking advantage of the powerful visual capabilities of the Ninox Kanban and Card views (see Figure 1), system users are able to quickly locate the item they’re looking for while every member of the supply chain stays in sync via real-time data updates.

The Inventory Item Management Screen (See Figure 2), allows system users to manage multiple suppliers for each inventory item and all of the combinations of colors, sizes, and production groups without having to search through mountains of paperwork or scroll past hundreds of records. 
Everything the buyers and brand managers need to decide what goes to the stores is easily accessible from a single point of reference.  This Ninox solution made the entire buying process more effective and improved efficiencies at every step.  Maybe Victoria’s secret is that she uses Ninox.


Calendar Plus replaces the standard Ninox Calendar view and delivers the features you expect in a robust scheduling, appointment and deadline management system. Calendar Plus installs inside of any Ninox database solution without any coding or programming required and setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Ninox Development Tips of the Week

Ninox Dev Tips of the Week

Synchronous and asynchronous programming

By David Gyenes, Senior Consultant

Synchronous- code is executed in sequence, each statement waits for the previous statement to finish before executing. 
Asynchronous- code doesn’t have to wait, your program can continue to run. You do this to keep your site or app responsive, reducing waiting time for the user.
When you want to speed up a process in Ninox you can use “do as server” code. If you want to wait for the result (synchronous) then save the result in a variable then you can use the result in the following lines of code. Ex:
     let answer := do as server … end

If you don’t care about the when you receive the result (asynchronous) then you don’t have to store the result in of the “do as server” in a variable. Ex:

     Previous line of code;
     do as server 

     Next line of code

Zoom Straight to That Dashboard

By Jennifer Neighbors, Senior Consultant

Dashboards are the “showoffs” of your database. They take your hard-earned database to a more sophisticated level by displaying an analysis of data and maybe even a bar chart or other data visualization. You’ll want to make it easy for users to access these displays by allowing them to go directly to the form where the dashboard appears. Here’s how.

Make a table for your dashboard and start creating your dashboard on a blank form. Before you get too far along, do this: Make a form-style view and name it something relevant. For this example, let’s say you call it “My Dashboard”. After creating the new view, move to the view that shows all the records in the table (usually named “All”) and remove it. Finish creating your dashboard. Now when your users go to the table, they’ll immediately be presented with “My Dashboard” in all its glory. They won’t need to open form view from the table view and they won’t wonder which record to open. Want to make the dashboard the first thing users see when they open the database? While in administrative mode, open the Options tab on your desktop. Then select Trigger After Open. In the code window, type: openTable(“My Table Name”,”My Dashboard”)

Press OK and exit from Options. Close your database. When you open it again your Dashboard named “My Dashboard” will immediately appear.

Calendar Plus

By Adam Davidson, Senior Developer

To automatically fill out calendar information when linking from your tables, insert code into the onclick function of the Calendar Plus formula field.  You can automatically fill out the description, whether or not the event is a deadline, or any of the fields you have defined in your Calendar Plus Entry table in the onclick function if this information is constant across all the records in the table.

Nioxus Today

By Amelia Neighbors, GM Global Operations

This October has been an exciting time for Nioxus.  As the leaves change color and the weather cools, Nioxus is poised to become a leader in Ninox products, in addition to consulting, training, support and development. 

CalendarPLUS is moving forward with Version 2.0 in production, allowing Ninox users globally a chance to interact with a calendar view – with drag and drop rescheduling and multi-color styling, along with timeline views per individual or category. 

Also joining the Nioxus group of products, the new Ninox report writer is now in beta with multiple users getting an opportunity to create visualizations of their data in dashboards that can be shared with anyone – and scheduled for delivery on demand. 

These new products, in addition to the Document Management tools already on the market continue to grow the value Nioxus brings to the global community of Ninox users.  We are proud to continue offering world class support and training as well as tools designed to optimize the experience of low-code database development.  Let us know if you would like to be a beta tester for ReportsPLUS and see your data in live dashboards or contact us for a CalendarPLUS demo today!

This Week in the Learning Lab

This weeks learning lab, by request from our webinar participants, is a Q and A!  Bring your questions 10/22.  Sign up below

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 120 templates which are available to all Nioxus customers – Standard, Deluxe and Premier?

Gold Star Program

By Jim Harris, The Starmaster

Did you know that the Nioxus Gold Star program has been in existence since July 2019? During a webinar, Andy asked the attendees a question and someone came up with a correct answer – ‘5 gold stars for the correct answer!’ Thus, the “Gold Star” program was born.

Gold Stars are only available to attendees who come to the Ninox University Learning Lab, which is currently scheduled each Thursday at noon Eastern.  Each attendee earns one star just for attending, and participating can earn you two, five or more stars by asking and answering questions, and being a part of the conversation.

 Details about what you can trade in your Gold Stars for will be available closer to December.  Stay tuned for details!

– Jim (a.k.a. The Starmaster)


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