VOLUME LVII                  10/27/2020

Client Showcase

When the International Cycling Federation needed new technology for their 2019 World Championships, they turned to Nioxus. With less than two months to go, the stadium announcer for the Championships in Pruszków, Poland needed a way to track hundreds of athletes and thousands of event results in order to be able to provide live commentary inside the BGZ Velodrome. The Nioxus team quickly designed a wagon-wheel architecture that enabled system users to access race results from anywhere in the world in mere seconds. 

The Event Dashboard made it easy for system operators to review results from every event over the last eight years while the Athlete Management screen provided important information that was shared in real-time with the thousands of spectators in the arena.

Not only did the system need to report on individual riders, but entire national teams also had to be tracked for the multi-rider events.  The Event Summary was the perfect solution for drilling down into the details of all the Olympic and World-Championship events over the past decade. 

And the new Ninox Kanban view was perfect for creating the International Scorecard which summarized thousands of records instantly and accurately.

According to Anthony Cooper, the in-stadium announcer:

“The Nioxus application allowed me to instantly search for a rider’s past results in international competitions which I was then able to share with the crowd. In past events, I had relied on hand-written notes and my memory, but this time, it was immediate and accurate. The Nioxus solution was a tremendous help during the event. Thanks, Nioxus!”

Proving once and for all that building Ninox
solutions are truly, ​as easy as riding a bike.


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Ninox Development Tips of the Week

Ninox Dev Tips of the Week

Do As Server – Chapter 2

By David Gyenes, Senior Consultant

On the Facebook group Roger Mcilmoyle pointed out an “effect” using “do as server” processing the today() function. If you run this code (do as server today()end) you might get the previous day or the next day as result. Probably more of you wonder why this is happening.
Dates are calculated in Ninox in milliseconds starting from Jan 1, 1970 12:00 AMUTC. That is the absolute 0. Put this code into a formula and you will see the number representation of that day’s date:
You also can check the time associated with the date if you use this code:

Now you see that a date has a time as well, it is just not visible in the UI of Ninox. When you pick a date in a Date field it defaults to 12:00 AM, LOCAL TIME.

Notice the local time. The Server might be in a different time zone than you. If you
use the “do as server” running the today() function, you will get your today minus the time difference between you and the server. When that time difference gets added, depending on what part of the Globe you are on, you will see the previous or next day as result. It also depends on what time you run this code.
Ninox is working on converting the DATE field into a static date field so it won’t include the time (and time zone) data. That means if there are 2 different users using the same program and the users are in a different time zone they still will see the same date in the field.
How can you fix this issue for now? You can take away the time difference between you and the Server.
Example 1: your time zone is -5 and Server is +2 then add 7 hours:
     do as server
               ‘Date field’ := today() + time(7, 0)
Example 2: your time zone +3 and Server is +2 then subtract 1 hour:
     do as server
            ‘Date field’ := today() – time(1, 0)
How do I know my time zone? Put this code into a formula to show you:

     format(today(), “Z”)

How can I figure out the Server time zone? Create a Text Field to display the result and put this code into a button:
     do as server
               Text := format(today(), “Z”)
NOTE: Because of Daylight Savings time differences may vary depending on local rules for summer and winter time adjustments.

Grab That Data!

By Jennifer Neighbors, Senior Consultant

Ever need a piece of information you stored in another table? It’s fast and easy to grab it if you
remember a simple phrase: “select [table where data is stored].[data field]”. Once you
memorize this phrase, you’ll use it over and over because it comes in so handy. Say you want to
insert a company telephone number onto a form like an invoice or payment receipt. Don’t
“hard code” it. Store it once in a table of company information (“Utilities”). When you want to
place it on your form, use the following formula:

     select Utilities.Phone

Now when your company changes its primary telephone number, they can enter the new
number in their Utilities table and their forms will automatically be updated!

Deadlines in the Calendar

By Adam Davidson, Senior Developer

Events marked as a deadline in the Calendar are treated a bit differently from other events.  Here are some tips and info to help you use the Calendar to manage deadlines:

  • Deadlines that have not been completed appear in the calendar with a “ ! ” in front of them, while completed deadlines appear with a ” ” in front, so you can immediately know if the item is completed or not.
  • You can see a list of your upcoming or incomplete deadlines by clicking on the deadlines icon in the toolbar.  
    • In the deadlines window you can filter the deadlines you see by selecting or deselecting the ‘Show Past’ and ‘Show Completed’ buttons at the bottom of the window. 
    • You can change the completed status for a deadline straight from the list by clicking the checkbox.
    • Past deadlines show up in the list with a red date so that you can easily tell that they are overdue
    • You can also open the event details for a deadline from the deadlines window by selecting it in the deadlines window and then clicking on the event details button.


XRef Matrix Widget

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Recurring Events

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Nioxus Today

By Amelia Neighbors, GM Global Operations

Nioxus continues to be busy during the final days of October – can you believe it is almost November?!?  Last week, in the Ninox University Learning Lab on Thursday, we had an engaging question and answer webinar that took over two hours!  That was fun – and challenging – but we are going to try to keep 90 minutes or so going forward.  We strive to answer all the questions the global Ninox community would like to discuss each week, and this week we realized just how many questions people had!  We may end up having every other week just be answering Ninox questions live, which gives great insight into what are hot topics or popular subjects.

We continue to seek feedback on how we can improve the Ninox User’s Manual and our templates and materials on Nioxus.com – we continue to provide individual support for clients whether it is a large project to build a specific business solution, or a single hour of one on one assistance to address a stuck development question.

Even more exciting is the big release of our new Report tool – Ninox ReportsPLUS by Nioxus – which will be coming soon.  Beta users are helping us ensure a smooth experience and helping to identify improvements to the user interface- and ideas about desired new features.

This is very exciting and we are proud to be able to provide such amazing and powerful tools for business intelligence and data visualization.

CalendarPLUS continues to gain widespread appeal among customers that maintain schedules and need to print different calendar views.  Rich text and color blocking is coming soon.

For now, happy fall and let us know how we can help address your needs.


By Andy Marks, Senior Developer

Most database applications feature a table containing data about the “central actor” that is the focus of the solution. It may be a table of vendors, customers, students or patients but it’s always at the core of the application. And then there are all the “other” people who need to be tracked; people like teachers, doctors, lawyers, consultants, plumbers and painters… the list goes on and on.

A mistake that a lot of database developers make is that they create a separate table for each category of “other” people. For example, consider a Hospital ERP system. The central actors in the system are ‘Patients’ and ‘Care Providers’, but then there are all the other people who are part of the hospital eco-system… security personnel, cooks, administrators, records clerks and, of course, volunteers.

Since each of these “others” have the same characteristics and, therefore, the same data fields – First Name, Last Name, Start Date, Job Title, etc. – put them all in the same table. Then add a choice field to the table which defines each person’s position. In this example, the choices would be “Security”, “Cafeteria”, “Admin”, “Maintenance”, and “Volunteer”. Then, when it’s time to popup a list of “others” at runtime, you can constrain the records in the selection list by using the Choice field as the constraint.

By consolidating all of the “others” into a single table, you end up with a more efficient database that is properly normalized and designed for maximum efficiency when it comes to operation, reporting, data analysis and performance.

This Week in the Learning Lab

Our topic for this week’s Leaning Lab will be ‘Time Cards and Payroll- Managing Employees Work Hours and Paychecks with Ninox’, and will be on 10/29/20 at 12:00pm EDT.  Sign up below!

Template will be released 24 hours before the Learning Lab.

Did you know that Nioxus has built over 120 templates which are available to all Nioxus customers – Standard, Deluxe and Premier?

Gold Star Program

By Jim Harris, The Starmaster

As the Gold Stars Program finally comes to fruition with the use of stars to “buy” swag – “Gold Star Bling” (by end of year), we would love your input as to what the stars can mean. 
As of this writing, the Gold Star Bling list has yet to be decided as to how many Stars are needed for a particular Item. Stay tuned as that will be in an upcoming Newsletter! 
Maybe this is a perfect time for me to ask you, just what would like to see for the Bling? We have ideas  as to what we might put onto this list, but I would like to have suggestions as to what you  would like to get with your Gold Stars. I could tag each suggestion as to who came up with the idea and that member would get additional stars to use for merchandise, discounts, or..?
You can let me know during the weekly Ninox University Learning Lab on Thursdays at noon EST or email me at jim@nioxus.com

– Jim (a.k.a. The Starmaster)

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