Exporting Records, Importing Into a New Database and Linking Them with Their Parents

By David Gyenes, Director of IT

This task is not as complicated as it seems. It has three parts:  Exporting the tables with the correct information, importing the records with the crucial information into a couple of new fields and then linking them together. Let’s see step-by-step:

Exporting the Tables:
1.  Export the parent table with its ID.
2.  In the child table create a formula that shows the parent table ID (‘Parent Table’.id) then export.

Importing the Tables:
1.  In the parent table create a field called ‘Historical ID’ and import the old parent table ID into this.
2.  In the child table create a field called ‘Parent Historical ID’ and import the parent’s old parent record ID here.

Link the Tables Together:
1.  Use the “update multiple records” in the child table. For the parent link field chose “assign Calculated Value” and apply this code:
2.  let xID := ‘Parent Historical ID’;
3.  first((select Customer)[‘Historical ID’ = xID])