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Alta Medical Billing

CLIENT: Alta Medical Billing

CONCERNS: Sharing documents across clinics all over the country

BENEFITS: Fully HIPAA compliant and my clinics love the ease-of-use

“We can trade documents with our clinics much more quickly and we’re in full compliance with HIPAA.” Ryan Pitano, Vice President and Owner of Alta Medical Management, comments on how easy it is to share documents with clinics all over the United States in a way that’s easy.

The City of Clovis, NM

CLIENT: City of Clovis, New Mexico

CONCERNS: Too much space wasted on file cabinets and file rooms

BENEFITS: Everything is now in the cloud and available at all times

“DocumentsPLUS is a time-saving masterpiece.” Erin, an HR Specialist for the City of Clovis in New Mexico, talks about how DocumentsPLUS makes it easier to manage time, maximize efficiency and  organize an office serving over 38,000 customers a year.


Hill & Associates Tax Service

CLIENT: Hill & Associates Tax Services

CONCERNS: Losing Documents, Misfiled Documents

BENEFITS: We never lose files anymore with DocumentsPLUS

“DocumentsPLUS, it’s a tax preparers dream.” Gloria Hill, President of Hill and Associates in Palm Springs, California, echoes the sentiments of thousands of accounting professionals and CPA’s who use DocumentsPLUS every day to be more profitable and efficient.”

Youth & Family Services

CLIENT: Dept. of Youth & Family Services, Rapid City, SD

CONCERNS: Thousands of square feet of space wasted on file cabinets

BENEFITS: We’ve removed 120 cabinets from our building to date

According to Darcey Decker, Department Director, “We have removed more than 60 4-drawer file cabinets from our building and this was essential as we were trying to create new office space for personnel. The elimination of file cabinets provided the space we needed.”