Displaying Animated Progress Thermometers


It’s always nice to see how long a process has been running and how much run-time is left. And while many processes can be run server-side using the do as server function, there are times when server-side processing does not deliver the optimal user experience. At those times, it’s nice to be able to present the application user with a progress thermometer. And since Ninox does not offer such an object as a native component, Nioxus has developed a set of copy-and-paste components that enable you to present an animated graphic that runs in real-time with whatever code block you are executing.

Join us this Thursday at the next Ninox Learning Lab by Nioxus (12:00 pm EDT) when we will show you how to add this dynamic feature to any Ninox database solution. And if you are a member of the Nioxus User Group, you will be able to download our newest template which provides you assets that you can paste right into your Ninox application and have your progress thermometers up and running in minutes

We hope to see you all this Thursday.