Deadlines in the Calendar

By Adam Davidson, Senior Developer

Events marked as a deadline in the Calendar are treated a bit differently from other events.  Here are some tips and info to help you use the Calendar to manage deadlines:

  • Deadlines that have not been completed appear in the calendar with a “ ! ” in front of them, while completed deadlines appear with a ” ” in front, so you can immediately know if the item is completed or not.
  • You can see a list of your upcoming or incomplete deadlines by clicking on the deadlines icon in the toolbar.  
    • In the deadlines window you can filter the deadlines you see by selecting or deselecting the ‘Show Past’ and ‘Show Completed’ buttons at the bottom of the window. 
    • You can change the completed status for a deadline straight from the list by clicking the checkbox.
    • Past deadlines show up in the list with a red date so that you can easily tell that they are overdue
    • You can also open the event details for a deadline from the deadlines window by selecting it in the deadlines window and then clicking on the event details button.