Understanding Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning By Michael Sidenstick, Programmer/Developer When it comes to technologies of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are some of the most impressive ideas– how can you get a machine to learn? Despite being one of the most well-known current innovations, there are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly AI […]

Data Maturity Lifecycle

Data Maturity Lifecycle PDF Version (As is the cyclical nature of the lifecycle, 18 months hence the transformative process would repeat beginning with a mining of the customer base at that time to determine each customer’s primary state of residence. This data would then be transformed into Information and compared to the same metrics from […]

Business Intelligence Project Model

Business Intelligence Project Model Download PDF Phase I – Current State Analysis Goal: Document current state operations and categorize current state procedures and reporting assets as: Mandatory Internal Reporting Assets External Compliance Reporting Assets  Redundant Reporting Assets Reporting Assets that require manual, post-production transformation Scheduled (Proactive) Procedures (Manual and Automated) Unscheduled (Reactive) Procedures (Manual and […]

Quality Structure Freshness

Quality Structure Freshness PDF Version Data Quality Data Quality is a subjective measure of the value of information based on the degree to which it possesses the following three characteristics: Accuracy – Data is accurate if it is free from error or defect. Accurate data is a precise and exact representation of events Relevance – […]

Delivery Models

Delivery Models PDF Version Delivery models refer to the method by which Information and Business Intelligence is sent from its source to its destination (consumer). The primary delivery models within and Enterprise Business Information System are defined in the table below.   Push Delivery Process Flow   Pull Delivery Process Flow   Subscription Delivery Process […]

Actionable Intelligence vs. Business Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence vs. Business Intelligence PDF Version “Statistics may not lie, but they do tell a lot of irrelevant truths.” Herbert Brown Tweet After spending what are often unprecedented amounts of time and money to build a world-class business intelligence and information delivery system, one of the hardest things to do is to get people […]