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Ninox & CalendarPLUS Dev Tips of the Week

Customizing Calendar Plus

By Adam Davidson, Senior Developer

There are a number of ways in which you can customize the data that is attached to events in the Calendar Application. Any configuration of the Calendar Plus application is done by editing the fields in the Calendar Plus Events (CPE) table in your Ninox database. There are certain fields in the CPE table that have to be set up a certain way; Start Date, End Date, etc., but others are variable and can be configured in a variety of ways. Here are some ways you can edit the CPE table to configure the Calendar Plus application:

  1. The default CPE table contains a number of choice fields (TYPE, CLASS, GROUP, etc. ) any of which can be renamed or deleted.  You can also add any number of additional choice and/or multiple choice fields to the CPE table, or edit any of the defined choice options for the existing choice fields. Choice Fields won’t show up in the Calendar unless at least one choice option has been defined for the field. 
  2. You can also customize the text fields in the CPE table. The following text field names are reserved and treated specially by the calendar and cannot be edited: “DESCRIPTION”, “EMAIL LIST”, “EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS”, “CPEDATA”, “PARTICIPANTS”, “ATTENDEES”.  You can rename or delete any of the fields not named above and add any additional text fields.
  3. We have recently released support for rich text fields in the Calendar. There are no reserved field names for these and any number can be added to the CPE table. (This and many of the other features released in our newest release – Version 3.0 were suggested by folks at the weekly Learning Lab!)

What are some configuration options that you would like to see supported in Calendar Plus? Let me know at