Creating Dynamic Content in Formula Fields

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management

Today I’m going to show you how to create dynamic content in Ninox with HTML in Formula Fields.

There are a host of ways to use HTML in Formula fields to create visuals in Ninox. In this example, we will create a display for the weather at a location specified by a Ninox location field.

We will use the OpenWeatherMap API to get the weather information for a location. To do this, sign up for a free account here, and get your API key.

Below is some example code of how to use the API from a Formula field in Ninox. The Fetch function is used to make a call to the weather API based on the coordinate information from the Location field. This is done in the getWeather() function which is called from the onload function in the style element.

Every time the Location field is changed, the html gets the weather information from the API and displays it.