Configuring a Table in DocumentsPLUS

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management

When Documents Plus is first installed and opened in a table you will be met with a message that says “It looks like you are in a table that has not been configured”. Configuring a table saves a few different pieces of information that the application needs. Click the “CONFIGURE TABLE” button to start entering this information.

You will be asked to select the root node for your table. This is the cabinet, drawer, or folder that you can associate with your ninox table. You can either select an existing node in the file tree, or create a new node for the table by clicking the “+” icon at the bottom of the file tree. Then enter a name for the new node. Documents Plus will now open to the selected root node for this table whenever you open the application from this ninox table.

Next, you will be asked to select which fields in the table you would like to save as profile items in the document management system. Profile items are pieces of information that are attached to files, folders, cabinets or drawers in Documents Plus. For example, you could enter the customer name and email address as profile items to an invoice. If you upload a file from a particular record Documents Plus, the selected profile item fields will attach information to this document. Any information that you would like to attach to documents can be selected here.

You will also be asked to select a primary field. The primary field should be the most identifying field for records in the table. For example if you have a table of clients, the client name would make sense as the choice here. This field will be used as the folder name for the records if you chose to “sync” your table. Syncing a table is a functionality in Documents Plus that allows you to create a container for every record in a table inside its root node with one click. Each container (file or drawer) will be named according to the primary field you choose in this step.

After making your selection click “save” and Documents Plus will remember all of the information you entered. You can then start using the application in this table. Happy Filing!