Measuring Data Quality

Databasics Measuring Data Quality Last time, in Databasics, we discussed the Data Maturity Lifecycle; that construct that enables us to understand how raw data is transformed into Information and then Intelligence. But as we know, there is no more accurate description of technology than the age-old phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. This is to say, […]

Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Databasics Data, Information and Business Intelligence It amazes me how often people use the words “data”, “information” and “Business Intelligence” as though they are all interchangeable. But to really escalate your database and data analysis skills to the highest level, it’s important to use the proper vocabulary. Let’s start with the Data Maturity Lifecycle – […]

With Great Colors Comes Great Responsibility

Databasics With Great Colors Comes Great Responsibility When creating a Ninox database solution, it’s easy to add lots of colors to any variety of objects. Whether it’s choices in a Choice Field, Click Buttons or form background colors, there are more than a few ways to add eye candy to your database. When it comes […]

Breaking Up is Good to Do

Databasics Breaking Up Is Good To Do Take a look at the line of code below: In this single line of code, six different operations are being executed in order to return a line of text that reads “INVOICE TOTAL ₹127.50”. And while this line of code works from a technical perspective, it’s unnecessarily complex […]

Clearing the Table​

Databasics Clearing the Table We’re often asked, “how do I get rid of blank records in my tables?” The answer is simple… Create a code block in the Trigger After Open section of the Options Screen. In that block, for each table that needs to be cleaned, write a line of code as follows:  delete(select(‘Table […]

Code Annotations and Embedded Formula Comments

Databasics Code Annotations and Embedded Formula Comments This week’s tech tip is as valuable as it is simple. As your formulas become more and more complex and the number of lines in your programs increases, you will find it useful to embed comments inside the code itself. This will enable you to better understand your […]