CASA4KIDS by Nioxus

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children. The primary responsibilities of a CASA volunteer are to gather and review documents and records, interview the children, family members and professionals in their lives and work to ensure that the children under their care are safe and happy.

Today there are thousands of CASA advocates and volunteers throughout North America caring for tens of thousands of children and families. And until now, many of them have been using spreadsheets and notebooks to keep track of the enormous volume of reports and data related to each child and court case. Now, with CASA4KIDS (C4K) by Nioxus, CASA organizations across America are improving efficiency, reducing overhead costs and become more effective at every level.

“C4K completely revolutionizes the way we run CASA. Not only will it save us thousands of dollars in the first year alone, but it will enable us to better serve our children and their families. We are not a technical group so we needed something that we could learn quickly and put to use immediately and Nioxus delivered.”

– Kari Pinnard, Executive Director, CASA Benton County

During the year-long development of C4K, Nioxus personnel worked with CASA executives, staff and volunteers as well as compliance officers and Family Court personnel in order to identify the critical use cases and workstreams that required automation, internal control and governance. The resulting integrated, modular system is now the technology standard for CASA.

Consisting of seven core modules: Case Management, Address Book, DonorTrack, Grants & Funding, Event Management and MyCASA along with the CalendarPLUS, ReportsPLUS and FormsPLUS and DocumentsPLUS solutions, C4K is a purpose-built ERP that includes secure data portals, integrated email, a complete set of accounting applications and cutting-edge, paperless document management and workflow automation.

Using any other platform, a system like this would have taken years to build and required a budget more than double that which was allocated to the C4K project. Using Ninox however enables Nioxus to deliver the solution in a matter of months while exceeding the client’s expectations.

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