Bulk Operations


Do you like making repetitive changes to “every” record in your database? Yeah, neither do we. We’re in luck because Ninox has given us a very powerful tool when it comes to making updates to multiple records. It’s called (as you would imagine), Updating Multiple Records and it’s located in menu accessed via the gear icon at the top of the table view page.

And while this tool lets you make massive updates to your database, which is amazing, there are some really great features that take it to the next level. First, there are there 4 ways to update each field individually as demonstrated below:

These options allow you to control what exactly is updated; from a static value to a calculated value and even removing any existing value from that one field. You have control over which fields are updated and how they are updated.The second great thing that Ninox can do is allow you to control what records in the table are updated by selecting one of the two update options that are accessed via the popup menu at the bottom, left-hand corner of the table view screen.

This feature is key in updating a select group of records, instead of the whole table. Update SelectedRecords gives you the opportunity to make a selection (an Array) of specific records within the table – just click on the record to select! The Update Visible Records does exactly that – it updates every record that is “visible” in your table. Now this one can get a little tricky. If you open a table and have no filters set, then every record in that table will be updated. However, if you go in and add a filter so you only see a subset of your data, then those are the records that will be updated.So, whether you’ve added a new field that requires content or you are making widescale changes to the information in your database, the Update Multiple Records functionality will make it easy as pie. And after all… Who doesn’t like pie!