By David Gyenes, Director of IT

What are bindings and how do we use them? Bindings are where the data is being stored whether it is permanent or temporary. We can bind data to the Server, Global Variable in Browser or to the Record in Browser.

Server: If we bind something to the server then the information will be stored in the server, and everyone would be able to see what has been stored (entered) in the field. Changes would be reflected immediately.

Global Browser: If something is bonded to a global variable, the browser will store the information until you close the browser and then the information would be gone. Can others see the information in a field that is bonded to the browser? No, only if you store information in the server will be shared with others and be permanent.

Record Browser: Binding something to the record is almost the same as binding it to the browser. The only major difference is that as soon as we close the record the value would be gone immediately.

So why is this good? Where can we use it? Controlling screens and what is shown on a screen. If two different people are logged into a database, then they see the exact same thing. If you change a value, for example a ‘Yes / No’ switch that allows us to see extra information, it will switch for the other user as well unless we only bind the value to the user’s browser instead of the server. As we realize with this function two different people can see the same screen but are still looking at different information. This increases the user experience tremendously.