Adding Marked Times

By Adam Davidson, Director of Product Management


In late November we added the “Mark Times” feature to Calendar Plus which allows you to mark and block out times on the calendar. This is useful for marking things on the calendar like vacation time, holidays, or any times that you would like to mark on the calendar that are not events.

Let’s walk through how to use this feature with an example. Suppose you would like to block out the weekends for scheduling.

1. Click the COLORIZE / MARK TIMES icon in the top left corner of the Calendar Application

2. You will then be taken to the Mark Times window shown below where you can enter all the information to create a new marked area on the calendar. Enter the title, whether or not to render the title in the calendar, and the rendered color of the event.

3. The Applicants field is a multiple choice field that is populated by the choice or multiple choice fields that you have set up in your Calendar Plus Entries Ninox table, as well as any Attendees or Participants attached to events. If a selection other than “ALL” is made here, the marked timespan will not appear on the main calendar, but will appear in the timelines and UNIT views for the specified applicants. This allows for blocking scheduling for just a particular employee during a timespan, for example. In our example, we will make no selection here as we would like to block scheduling for all events on weekends.

4. There are three options for the type of Marked Time you would like to create: weekly, daily or “one time”. A weekly rule repeats every week on the specified weekdays, at the specified times. A daily rule repeats every day at the specified times, and a one time rule happens only one time, beginning and ending on at the specified dates and times. For us, we want to block out all day every Saturday and Sunday, so we will select Weekly, and check the “Full Day” box, which hides the “Times” section.

5. Once you click save, the rule will be rendered on the calendar and you can delete or edit the rule at any time by opening the Mark times window and selecting the rule on the left hand side.